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Samuel Nacar is a Young journalist that has been learning since he started university in 2010. Even thought the most important experience for him has happened in the streets covering different affairs.

Probably the first experience that really introduced him with the kind of journalism that he wanted to do was Melilla, covering the conflicts with migration for in 2014. After doing an internship for three month in “El País”, he covered  “Can Vies” (Riots in Barcelona, may 2014).  His photos were published, in "La Directa" and "La Marea".

Then he moved to London, to do the final career project about "Spanish young migration in London", due to the crisis. Meanwhile he went to see Calais in 2015 rediscovering the kind of journalism that he wanted to do.

Last year he spent eight month in Greece covering migrant crisis. First he worked as a communication officer for an NGO called Lighthouse Relief, he is also co-founder of it and after in Idomeni for Nur Photo Agency.

His last project was, the eviction of "The Jungle" that were published in Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle.  He has been selected for the Memo Masterclass 2016.


+34 696 09 22 33